Healthy Break Room Options in Denver

Denver Employees Take Healthy Steps

Healthy Break Room Options in Denver

Maintaining healthy lungs isn’t something that most Denver individuals spend a lot of time thinking about. That is unless they already have health issues connected to their lungs. When a Denver individual’s lungs don’t work properly, it can impact their health, and as a result, there can be a negative impact on all parts of their life including their job. 

The job of the lungs is to collect the air we breathe in and move the oxygen into the bloodstream. As the oxygen moves via the bloodstream throughout the body, cells trade carbon dioxide for more oxygen, and the carbon dioxide travels back to the lungs and is exhaled. For the lungs and the entire respiratory system to work properly, they need to be healthy. Regular exercise is a great way to keep everything strong.

Regular exercise also has other benefits including increased energy levels, endurance, muscle strength and bone density. An individual’s immune system usually improves as well as their ability relax and get restful sleep. Of the health issues no one wants, exercise can help decrease shortness of breath, blood pressure, depression, blood sugar levels and risk factors for heart disease.

Back to the lungs. The American Lung Association, a nonprofit organization working to improve lung health and prevent lung disease, sponsors an annual event that not only helps raise funds for the organization but also highlights the importance of exercise for lung health. The event is the Fight For Air Climb, and it honors National Take the Stairs Day.

Healthy Break Room Options in Denver

During the stair-climbing event, participants take the stairs instead of the elevator to get to the top floor of the building used for the event. Often, the buildings used for the Fight For Air Climb are skyscrapers with many flights of stairs. If attending an event like the Fight For Air Climb isn’t an option for Denver employees, there are other ways to add small steps of exercise into one’s day such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from the door, going on a walk during a lunch break and taking a stretch break during the workday. 

What a Denver employee eats and drinks can also have an impact on the health of their lungs. Consuming water and other hydrating beverages plus healthy snacks provides a lot of benefits that many individuals never think about, including keeping their lungs in top form. In 2020, Denver employers have an opportunity to help their employees make healthier decisions.

In addition to considering the types of snacks, beverages and fresh food that are offered in the break room, there are multiple ways that employers can support their employees’ physical and mental health. Encouraging employees to take walking breaks or meetings as well as providing an area for stretching or meditating are just a few.  

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