Peak micro-markets in the Greater Denver & Front Range Area including Colorado Springs

Complimentary Design

Each Peak Market is carefully laid out with custom designs to make the most of your breakroom space.

Secure Checkout

The touchscreen controlled kiosk allows for self-checkout and secure payment with cash, card, or mobile wallet.

Endless Options

Over 300 snack and beverage selections in your Market! Peak Refreshments will continue rotating items based on seasonal demands, new-to-market snacks, and classic favorites to keep your employees engaged with variety.

At The Heart Of Every Peak Market

Turn any breakroom into an employee perk your team will love.

Smart inventory

The connected kiosk creates a restocking list so there is no need to submit orders for more products.

Easy payments

Employees can choose to pay for items using cash, credit, mobile wallets, or their micro-market account.

Always open

A micro-market offers 24-hour access to food and refreshment not available with cafeterias or cafés.

Personalized looks

Make the break area unique and a reflection of your company’s image and values with customizable options.

Snacks to savor throughout the workday

Do we have your attention yet? Say hello and we will deliver lunch to you and four of your colleagues!