office coffee and water filtration service in ThorntonInstalling Premium Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services in Thornton

Don’t leave quality office coffee to chance. Ensure your Thornton office has the best with an office coffee service from Peak Refreshments. Choose from a wide variety of popular coffees, teas and other hot beverages. We have something to satisfy any drinker. Our coffee brewing machines range from single-cup brewers to traditional by-the-pot brewers. We also offer pour-over brewers and airpots. We will install your coffee equipment, stock your coffee and come back to make sure everything is running properly. When we make those visits, we’re also willing to supply your other related needs. We’ll bring your stir sticks, cups, napkins, filters and creamers so you don’t have to worry about them. You have enough to take care of, let us handle everything coffee related.

Does your water need help at your Thornton location? A water delivery service isn’t your only option. Check out a water filtration service from Peak Refreshments. These water filter units are available in multiple sizes and configurations, from counter top to floor standing units. They quickly and easily plumb into your water supply and remove the impurities causing your problems. Once installed, better tasting water is available right from the tap.

micro-markets and vending machines in ThorntonThornton’s Micro-Market Experts

Looking for something new when it comes to vending? Then check out Peak Refreshment’s Micro-Market services. We work with you to select a space in your Thornton office or facility to turn into a self-sufficient convenience store, complete with attractive coolers, displays and racks. Once installed, you get to choose from a huge selection of snacks, food items and beverages. This includes healthier items like fruit, salads and dairy items. When the store is stocked, it’s ready for customers to walk in, select what they want, and pay at the self-checkout kiosks. Micro-Markets can stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, catering to all employees regardless of the schedules they keep.

Pantries Available in Thornton

A Micro-Market for your Thornton employees is a great fringe benefit. Even better is when you turn it into a pantry service. A Peak Refreshments’ pantry service is simply a Micro-Market, but all the products are free. Employees will greatly appreciate free items for snacks, lunches and dinners, and you’ll appreciate how much more productive they are. Pantries still include checkout kiosks as a way for us to keep track of inventory in real time. Also, you’ll experience less instances of people taking more than they should when they know items are being tracked.

cafe service and office coffee service in ThorntonPut a Real Café in Your Thornton Office

Peak Refreshments has made café services available in Thornton. What’s a café service? Think of a regular café, except built right into your office. Complete with chef-inspired menu items and an on-site barista, it’s truly like having a restaurant in your office. Who wouldn’t like the convenience of fresh lunch options and made to order drinks to help power through the day?

We’ve got the break room services you want, and some things you never knew existed.  Call 303-209-0150 or e-mail to learn more.