office coffee and water filtration service in Greenwood VillageOffice Coffee and Water Filtration Services in Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village employees need good coffee to maximize performance. Give it to them with a high-quality office coffee program from Peak Refreshments. We have the wide range of coffees, teas and other hot beverages that people crave, and the state-of-the-art brewing machines to prepare them best. We’ll work with you to determine the best type of brewer to handle your unique operation, from traditional by-the-pot brewers to single-cup brewing machines. All feature the latest in technologies to let people customize the brewing profile to match their unique tastes. Obviously, part of our service is to regularly visit to restock your coffee supply and check on your coffee equipment. But when we do, we’re also willing to restock other break room needs, like stir sticks, cups, napkins, filters, creamers and anything else you need.
Water quality in Greenwood Village offices is always a struggle. Rather than using what’s available at the tap, most companies choose a water delivery service. Well, our water filtration service is designed to make you rethink that decision. Our filtration units connect right to your water supply, producing better tasting water from the tap immediately. Don’t lug around those awkward 5-gallon jugs…just turn the faucet.

micro-markets and vending machines in Greenwood VillageGreenwood Village’s Micro-Market Connection

If you haven’t heard of a Micro-Market before, it’s time to contact Peak Refreshments. This is where we go into your Greenwood Village office and convert a space into a small corner store. Rather than vending machines, a Micro-Market features attractive racks, displays and coolers filled with hundreds of product options. People can browse and grab typical vending machine fare, but also much more, as Micro-Markets can store frozen food items, gourmet salads, fresh sandwiches and many more entrée items. Each Micro-Market includes a self-checkout kiosk, which maximizes convenience. Furthermore, it means the store can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Greenwood Village Has Pantry Services Available

Take the next step beyond a Micro-Market with a pantry service for your Greenwood Village office. Peak Refreshments provides everything you’ll find with a Micro-Market – attractive displays and coolers packed with snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner options – except that pay for all the items. The upfront expense is countered by much more productive and happy employees, and less time spent away from the office. Pantries still include a checkout kiosk, tracking what people are consuming to ensure they aren’t abusing the system.

cafe service and office coffee service in Greenwood VillageGreenwood Village Offices Available for Café Service

The ultimate in vending for your Greenwood Village office can hardly be considered vending. It’s Peak Refreshments installing an actual café on your premise. These feature a true barista on site to craft your hot beverages and chef prepared food items. We work with you to determine what customized fare will be featured in your café. Having a true café on site gives employees a great option for food and beverages, begging the question as to why they would ever leave their Greenwood Village office for snack, coffee or meal options.

The pinnacle of break room quality is available through Peak Refreshments. Call 303-209-0150 or e-mail to find out more today.