office coffee and water filtration service in CentennialCentennial’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Solution

Your Centennial office would be much more productive if coffee was available on site. So why wait any longer when Peak Refreshments can take care of it now with our office coffee services. We provide everything you need. Our coffee brewers range from single-cup units to traditional by-the-pot brewers, all featuring the latest in convenience technologies. We continually support your coffee service with a selection of coffees, teas and other beverages that your people know and love. On top of this, we’ll make your break room management part of our usual visits. When checking on your coffee brewers and restocking your beverages, we’ll also provide the items needed for your break room, such as stir sticks, cups, creamers, sweeteners, or whatever else you need.
Water a problem in your Centennial office? Don’t worry, it’s a common problem, with a pretty easy solution. Peak Refreshments’ water filtration service involves hooking up a water filter – either floor standing or countertop – right to your water supply. And that’s pretty much it. When it’s hooked up, impurities are removed from the water to maximize the quality from the tap. No more water delivery services with hard-to-carry 5-gallon jugs. This takes care of the problem at its source.

micro-markets and vending machines in CentennialMicro-Markets Ready to Install in Centennial

Have you been looking to add vending machines to your Centennial offices? Before you do, talk to Peak Refreshments about a Micro-Market. What’s a Micro-Market? This is when we take a portion of your break room and turn it into a self-sufficient corner store, complete with attractive displays, racks and coolers. You can choose from hundreds of items with which to fill it. Whatever your employees crave, we likely already have it – or can get it. When stocked and ready, customers can walk into the store, grab what they want and head to the self-checkout kiosk. A simple scan of each item and a swipe of a card, and that employee has the fuel they need. It’s something people can use all hours of the day, any day of the week.

Add a Pantry to Your Centennial Offices

What’s great about a Micro-Market from Peak Refreshments is it provides your Centennial employees with the ultimate in vending selection. Want to provide them with more? Then consider turning it into a pantry service. The same concept of a Micro-Market, the pantry service provides the snacks, beverages and food items made daily by our in-house professional kitchen for free. All your Centennial employees need to do is scan the items at the kiosks so we can keep track of the inventory. Furthermore, it encourages people to consume all the items they choose on site. The last thing you want is people taking items and bringing them home, and our pantry service set up prevents such abuse.

cafe service and office coffee service in CentennialYour Centennial Office Could Use a Café

Some of the largest companies have on site restaurants and coffee shops on their campuses. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, your Centennial office doesn’t need to be huge to have such a unique feature. Just talk to Peak Refreshments about our café services. We’ll work with you to create a small café right in your office, complete with an on-site barista and chef-inspired snack and food items. Our chef can create a custom menu to best fit your people’s preferences. Adding a café like this is a great way to keep people on site and productive, not to mention makes for a great fringe benefit, too.

Peak Refreshments has what you need to deliver peak satisfaction to your employees. Call 303-209-0150 to find out more today.