vending technology in denver break rooms

Technology Elevates Denver’s Break Room Experiences

vending technology in denver break roomsA Denver break room without technology and/or customer service is a space that no one wants to visit.

All types of technology can impact the overall customer experience. Imagine a break room that only offered unhealthy snack and beverage options and only accepted cash. What if an employee needed a quick lunch, but the only options in the break room were chips or cookies? What if there was no way to get your money back if the machine ate your money?

In all likelihood visiting that break room during the workday wouldn’t cross Denver employees’ minds. Instead, those employees would be more likely to visit a favorite off-site location for a snack or meal.

Offering state-of-the-art technology with excellent customer service in the break room can turn the previous scenario around. A recent Consumer Payment Study performed by Total System Services (TSYS), researchers found that Americans want to adopt and use the newest payment technology to pay for purchases as well as have someone to speak to when there is a problem.

In terms of technology, Denver employees look for the following. Whether it’s through a mobile payment app or a bank’s app, consumers want the option to use a mobile device to pay for snacks, beverages and fresh food. The buying process should be quick and convenient with user-friendly equipment and processes. Finally, there should be a way to receive personalized offers based on individual purchasing preferences and information about promotions and rewards.

vending technology in denver break roomsUnlike technology, customer service must have a human touch. Reflecting on the TSYS study, John Dale Hester, Senior Vice President of Relationship Management at TSYS, explained, “Americans are demonstrating a strong appetite for digital technologies…but that willingness to adopt the latest technology has its limits. When people encounter a problem…most still want to interact with a real person.”

And employees in the break room are no different. When Denver employees have a problem with any part of the refreshment services in their break room, there must be a way to connect with someone who can help solve the problem. Whether it’s a fellow employee responsible for everything in the break room or our mobile app, effective customer service in the break room is about helping everyone have a positive experience.

But ultimately, customer service issues in the break room should fall back to your Denver refreshment provider, and Peak Refreshments understands that. In addition to freshly made meals and a variety of snacks and beverages, we offer state-of-the-art equipment with the latest technological advances and top-notch customer service.

For more information about designing a sought-after break room with “old-fashioned” customer service at your Denver location, please call Peak Refreshments at (303) 209.0150.

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