office coffee and water filtration service in ParkerParker’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Providers

Any Parker business can appreciate good quality coffee. Rather than letting employees fend for themselves to get the coffee they need, why not bring it to them with an office coffee service from Peak Refreshments. We have the types of brewers to handle any coffee volume, and the high-tech features to maximize brewing quality and flexibility. Once we determine the machines you need, then we stock the service with your choice of quality coffees, teas and other hot beverages. During our regular resupply visits, we’re also willing to bring other break room needs, such as stir sticks, filters, creamers and sweeteners. Why manage the break room yourself when you can have us do it?
Water quality goes hand-in-hand with good coffee. If you’re not using good water in your Parker office, then your coffee is suffering. Rather than pay for a water delivery service, why not fix the problem at its source by installing a water filtration unit. Ours are available in counter-top or floor standing units, so we have something to fit any available space. Connecting to the water supply, our water filters remove the impurities that can damage water quality, making better tasting water available at the tap – hot or cold.

micro-markets and vending machines in ParkerInstalling Self-Checkout Micro-Markets Throughout Parker

A great option for any Parker business is to have Peak Refreshments install a Micro-Market in their break room. Think of it like a small convenience store designed to fit your available space. No matter how big or small your available space, we can put together a series of racks, coolers and displays to handle hundreds of snacks, sodas and food items. Employees enter the store, browse the available items, make their selections and pay for them at integrated self-checkout kiosks. Since no one is needed to run the store, it can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a great morale builder for all employees, especially those who are working early, late or on weekends.

Parkers Pantry Provider

Take a Micro-Market and maximize employee benefits with a pantry service in your Parker office. It truly is the same concept of a Micro-Market, with the attractive racks, coolers and displays to create a mini convenience store within your break room, but with the added benefit of free items. That’s right, you pay for the products to boost morale and productivity. Each pantry still includes a checkout kiosk. This allows us to accurately track pantry “sales” so we know what needs restocking. Also, this cuts down on abuse to the system, dissuading people from taking more than they need…or bringing items home.

cafe service and office coffee service in ParkerCafés Now Installed in Parker

If you’re looking beyond the confines of typical vending services for your Parker office, then a café service from Peak Refreshments is exactly what you’re looking for. Just think of your favorite café and to think of it in your Parker office. That’s a café service. It’s complete with chef-inspired food items and a true barista there to make the beverages. Employees can simply walk into the office café, order what they want, and enjoy. Menus are completely customizable. Just tell us what you want in your store and we’ll work with our chef to develop a menu that best fits your operation and people.

Providing premium break room services and beyond. That’s Peak Refreshments. Call 303-209-0150 or e-mail to find out more.