office coffee and water filtration service in LongmontOffice Coffee and Water Filtration Services Designed for Longmont

Brew up a great cup of coffee in your own Longmont office with an office coffee service from Peak Refreshments. We offer a wide range of coffees, teas and other hot beverages to choose from, and we have the high quality brewers to make them. Our brewers range from single-cup units to by-the-pot brewers. We also offer pour-over brewers and airpots. Part of our service is making sure your brewers are working properly and your drinks are fully stocked. We’ll also provide other break room necessities, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins and creamers.

We offer water filtration units to help cure poor Longmont office water quality. Available in countertop and floor standing configurations, these filters connect directly to your water supply and remove the impurities that can cause water to taste and/or smell bad. Once installed, better tasting water is available at a moment’s notice. Simply push the appropriate spigot on the filter and get it hot or cold.

micro-markets and vending machines in LongmontMicro-Markets Installed Throughout Longmont

Longmont offices can get the ultimate in vending services with a Micro-Market from Peak Refreshments. A Micro-Market is like a corner store right in your Longmont office, offering the snack, beverage and entrée options employees need throughout the day to stay energized. You can literally choose from hundreds of items to stock the store, and each one includes a self-checkout kiosk to allow people to handle the transactions themselves. These are internet connected, allowing us to keep up to speed with your inventory and restock in the most efficient way possible. Built with security cams, Micro-Markets experience little issues with theft and you can be confident keeping them open all day, every day.

Longmont Pantry Services

Want something even better than a Micro-Market for your Longmont employees? Then go with a pantry service. This is essentially a Micro-Market service, but the products are available to Longmont employees for free. It’s a great way to maximize morale while keeping people in the office and productive. Like a Micro-Market, each pantry includes a self-checkout kiosk. This isn’t to pay for the items, but to track what people are taking, helping to keep people from taking too much. Furthermore, it’s our way of tracking your inventory and keeping the pantry full.

cafe service and office coffee service in LongmontExclusive Café Services in Longmont

Would you rather just put a café in your Longmont office? It’s possible with a café service from Peak Refreshments. This is a true café, complete with chef inspired food items and a barista on site to make drinks to order. And with a café in your Longmont office, there’s no reason for people to leave for coffee breaks and lunch breaks, meaning productivity is maximized.

Get the pinnacle of service with Peak Refreshments. Call us at 303-209-0150 or e-mail today.