office coffee and water filtration service in Lone TreeLone Tree’s Best for Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Peak Refreshments has the office coffee solutions to best serve your Lone Tree operation. We offer all types of brewers, from single-cup machines to those that brew higher volumes by the pot. These are coffee machines that feature the latest in brewing technologies, letting people adjust many brewing parameters to achieve the perfect cup for them. Our coffee, tea and other hot beverage selection is second to none, featuring the brands, types and flavors that people know and love. We will regularly visit your Lone Tree office to resupply beverages and to make sure everything is operating properly. If you’re tired of managing other supply needs, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, etc., then let us do it for you. We’re happy to take it off your hands, restocking all of your break room needs.
Peak Refreshments also offers water filtration services. Our unique solution to poor office water quality involves the use of filtration units that connect directly to your water supply. These systems are available in floor standing and table top units, providing an option to work for any office size. Following the simple install process, better tasting water is available immediately. All you need to do is turn the faucet handle.

micro-markets and vending machines in Lone TreeServing Lone Tree with Micro-Markets

Don’t dream of something beyond vending machines for your Lone Tree office. Call Peak Refreshments today and get started on your Micro-Market. This is where we install a small convenience store in your Lone Tree office, including attractive racks, coolers and displays to offer hundreds of snack, beverage and food entrée options. This is a great way to stimulate employee morale and productivity because everything they need is right on site. They simply walk in the store, grab what they want, and head to the self-checkout kiosk to handle payment themselves. Because no one is needed to run the store, it can remain open at all times to accommodate any employee schedules. Products available in the Micro-Market include standard vending fare, but also goes beyond to include fresh fruit, dairy items and gourmet salads. And since each store’s kiosk is internet connected, we are able to monitor inventory remotely. That means we can keep the store stocked and switch out products that no one seems to want.

Upgrade to a Pantry in Lone Tree

Been thinking about a Micro-Market for your Lone Tree office but want to go a step farther? Think about a pantry service from Peak Refreshments. Each pantry includes the attractive displays, coolers and racks as you find with a Micro-Market, but all the items are free. It’s a great way to boost morale. Pantries still include self-checkout kiosks to help track inventory. Also, they cut down on any employee abuse, ensuring people aren’t taking more items out of the store than is reasonable.

cafe service and office coffee service in Lone TreeCafé Services for Lone Tree Offices

What is a café service? It’s like any other café you know, except built right into your Lone Tree office. Peak Refreshments works with you to create this space. Once open, the café has its own barista to make your favorite hot beverages and offers chef inspired food items. The menu is customizable to include items that everyone in your office can enjoy. A café service is a great way to offer employees a very unique in-house feature while maximizing productivity.

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