office coffee and water filtration service in GoldenGolden’s Choice for Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Office’s in Golden need a good office coffee solution, and Peak Refreshments has the answer. Our coffee service includes a full range of coffee brewing machines, such as single cup brewers and traditional by-the-pot coffee equipment. We offer a huge selection of coffees and flavored teas, including the most popular brand names and types. When we return to check on your coffee machines and restock your beverages, we’re also willing to stock other break room needs. Let us bring the stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, filters, creamers and other condiments so you don’t have to worry about it.
How’s your Golden office water quality? If your answer is anything but “great,” then you should look into our water filtration services. Available in countertop and floor standing configurations, our water filters plumb right into your water supply to deliver better tasting water with a simple turn of a faucet. No dealing with expensive water delivery services that require you to lug around heavy 5 gallon jugs. Our systems take care of the issue at the source.

micro-markets and vending machines in GoldenThinking Vending Machines? Put a Micro-Market in Your Golden Office Instead.

Why go with vending machines for your Golden facility when Peak Refreshments can install a Micro-Market? First, there are no limitations, the racks, coolers and displays that make up a Micro-Market can store hundreds of product types, including those items you can’t typically have in a vending machine, such as gourmet salads and dairy items. Secondly, nothing is more convenient. Micro-Markets include self-checkout kiosks that let people browse the items they want, bring them to the register and ring up the items themselves paying with any number of options. Our Micro-Markets are remote monitored, meaning we always know that your inventory is and can replenish whenever needed. Complete with a security camera system, you can be confident keeping the Micro-Market open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…letting you cater to each individual no matter what crazy schedule they keep.

Pantry Services Available in Golden

Want to go one step beyond a Micro-Market for your Golden facility? Then consider a pantry service from Peak Refreshments. It’s everything you’ll find with a Micro-Market – attractive displays and coolers packed with snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner options – except that you pick up the tab. It’s an excellent fringe benefit to keep your employees happy and fueled for the day. But how do you offer free food and drink without it being abused? Simple, our pantry service includes a kiosk that requires employees to check out the items they are consuming. This helps us keep your inventory intact and eliminates people grabbing items to take home.

cafe service and office coffee service in GoldenAdd a Café to Your Golden Location

If you want to go beyond what most vending services can offer, then a café service from Peak Refreshments is likely the answer. This is like putting an actual café in your Golden office, complete with an on-site coffee barista and customized menu food selections that are chef prepared daily. This is a great solution for Golden businesses that want to keep employees fueled and on-site throughout the day. And employees appreciate snack and food options that don’t require them to leave the premises.

Don’t settle for a vending service…reach for the peak – Peak Refreshments. Call 303-209-0150 to find out more today.