office coffee and water filtration service in DenverDenver’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Experts

Peak Refreshments offers services unlike any you’ve seen from other Denver providers. And our office coffee program isn’t an exception. We come in and assess your current coffee and hot beverage needs to determine the best setup for your unique operation. We have all kinds of coffee brewers to choose from, including traditional by-the-pot brewers to those that brew by the cup. Then we give you a selection of teas, coffees and other hot beverages to support them. Our service goes far beyond the initial kickoff though. We will keep coming back to make sure your coffee makers and supply are up to snuff. Also, we’ll help manage your break room supplies if you prefer. Why shop for stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, filters, creamers and other essentials when we can do it for you?
Water quality is important, especially when your Denver employees are using it to make great coffee or drink by itself. Rather than contacting a water delivery service and dealing with those heavy water jugs, ask Peak Refreshments about our water filtration service. We have water filters available in countertop and floor standing designs that we’ll plumb right into your water supply. And that’s all there is to it. Once installed, you’ll have better tasting water right from the tap.

micro-markets and vending machines in DenverMicro-Markets – The Better Choice in Vending for Denver

Have you been looking to add vending machines to your Denver office? Why not take it a step further from the simplest solution? Peak Refreshments offer Micro-Markets, which are essentially convenience stores built right into your break room. Instead of standard vending machines, these include open racks and coolers, filled with a multitude of snacks, drinks and food items you can’t normally get with vending machines. Your Denver employees can walk right into the store, grab what they want, and then handle the transaction themselves at the integrated checkout kiosks. It’s a great fringe benefit, and you’ll appreciate the improved productivity. Also, because the store includes a security camera system, you’ll never have to close it down. This is great for those employees working irregular hours.

Pantries are Coming to Denver Offices

So, you’d like to give your Denver employees a Micro-Market experience, but you’d like to cover the tab for their snacks, lunch items and other needs to keep them satiated? Peak Refreshments can do it with our pantry service. It’s basically the same layout as a Micro-Market, except it’s set up to best handle a non-transactional format. Instead of using kiosks to take money, they are just there to make sure the store can best monitor inventory. Denver employees grab what they want and scan at the kiosks to make sure we can best track your inventory. Furthermore, this cuts down on people potentially abusing the benefit, grabbing items they don’t plan to consume on site.

cafe service and office coffee service in DenverDenver’s Café Service Provider

If you’re looking for something more than what any vending service can provide, why not consider a café service for your Denver office. Peak Refreshments will work with you to create a café environment, complete with its own barista and chef-inspired snacks and food items. You can customize the menu based on employee preferences. It’s more than you would expect from vending, and that’s entirely the point. Employees will see this as a great fringe benefit, and you’ll see the advantages of keeping employees on site for more lunches.

Get more than you expect from vending services. Call Peak Refreshments at 303-209-0150 to find out more.