office coffee and water filtration service in BroomfieldOffice Coffee and Water Filtration Services Provided in Broomfield

Get great coffee – every day – with an office coffee service from Peak Refreshments for your Broomfield facility. We take care of all your needs, starting with the coffee brewers. We have everything from single-cup coffee machines to pour-overs. Our coffee equipment includes the ability to customize brewing parameters to let people achieve the tastes they crave. Our selection of coffees and teas include the brands people know and prefer. When we resupply your drinks, we can also resupply your other break room items, like stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners, cups, filters, etc.
Bad water in the office can ruin any coffee. Furthermore, there are many who would like it as a drink on its own. Don’t automatically turn to a water delivery service. Our water filtration units simply plumb into the water supply you already have, and removes the impurities that ruin otherwise perfect water. Once installed, simply turn the blue or red spigot, and you have great tasting cold and hot water at your fingertips.

micro-markets and vending machines in BroomfieldBroomfield’s Choice in Micro-Market Services

What’s great about a little corner store is it’s so convenient. Snacks, beverages and food items in close proximity. A simple run to the store and you have what you need. Well, that’s the concept behind a Micro-Market service from Peak Refreshments. Except there’s one big different, the store you install in Broomfield will run itself. Each Micro-Market has a self-checkout kiosk. People walk into the market, browse the many available items stored within the attractive racks, coolers and displays, and then bring their selections to the kiosk. Simply using a credit card or mobile payment, and the customer is ready to go. With such a great option right on site, employees will think twice about braving the traffic and other inconveniences associated with leaving the office. And that switch to more people staying in the office is the productivity jump you need to justify this great vending solution.

Give the Pantry a Try in Broomfield

You’ve committed to a Micro-Market for your Broomfield office, but want to do a little more for your employees? Step up to a pantry service from Peak Refreshments. Still the coolers, racks and displays filled with hundreds of items that you find with a Micro-Market. The difference is the products within are free to take. Why would anyone logically leave the office when it’s free right on site? Pantries still have self-checkout kiosks, requiring customers to scan the items they take. This isn’t for payment, but to help ensure people are taking just what they need…and allowing us to accurately track your product inventory.

cafe service and office coffee service in BroomfieldA Real Live Café Installed in Your Broomfield Office

Put a café into your Broomfield office with Peak Refreshments’ café service. What makes this different than our office coffee service? First and foremost, there’s a barista right on site to make the beverages for you. Furthermore, the equipment the barista is working with will help achieve the highest level of coffee quality. Beyond the beverages, each café also includes chef inspired food items made daily. This is a great breakfast and lunch option that people will appreciate.

Get better than great service with Peak Refreshments.  Call 303-209-0150 or e-mail to see what we can do for you.