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Denver, What Reminds You of Coffee?

office coffee in denver break roomsDid you know that it’s possible to have a physiological response similar to drinking coffee without actually drinking any? That may sound odd, but recent research conducted at the University of Toronto found that individuals who were exposed to coffee-related cues tended to have an increase in concrete, precise thinking and attentiveness. Caffeine, like that found in coffee, can improve one’s mood and increase productivity. Consider the two responses and new ways to encourage productivity abound.

This news is great to know especially when employees don’t have enough time to take a break. While effective reminders or cues will be different for everyone, the following list is likely to trigger the same effect in most Denver employees.

  • pictures or videos about all thing’s coffee
  • recognizing a favorite mug
  • seeing the morning newspaper, especially if one has a habit of enjoying a cup of Joe while reading the paper
  • seeing or hearing the sounds of a favorite café 
  • sounds and smells of freshly ground coffee being brewed or poured
  • reading the word coffee in a text
  • seeing a favorite coffee-related logo


Rather than leaving everything to chance, Denver employers can create opportunities for coffee-related cues to have an impact during the workday. Special, fun events at work cause excitement on their own, but understanding the “coffee effect” and using it appropriately can help transform employee excitement into attentive and productive behaviors.

Here are a few fun events that may create a team building experience and encourage productivity.

office coffee options in denver break roomsSampling Session: Rather than just setting out a variety of brews for employees to try, create a structured event where everyone has an opportunity to learn more about the different flavors and origins of the options available in the break room.

Host a Barista for a Day: Everyone loves a personalized beverage. Invite a barista to visit your organization for a few hours one morning to create individualized espresso-based beverages. The anticipation alone will have everyone excited to start their day.

Taste Test of Coffee Flavored Snacks: Sometimes the unknown can be a bit scary. And that goes for trying new snacks too. Hold this taste testing event after lunch when Denver employees are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up that isn’t too heavy on the caffeine.

Latte Art Team Building Activity: Ever wonder how latte art is made? This team building activity is great for smaller teams or businesses. Bump up the competition by dividing your group into two or more teams and see who can create the best latte art.

This final suggestion is for anyone who enjoys delicious hot beverages including tea. Offer great tasting water via a water filtration system in the break room for even better tasting hot beverages. 

For more information about upgrading your OCS or water filtration system or adding delicious snacks or fresh food via a micro-market or pantry service, please call Peak Refreshments at (303) 209.0150.

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