Denver Break Rooms

Denver Break Rooms Are One Way to Say Thank You

Denver Break Rooms

Excellent break rooms do more than offer a space to relax with a hot coffee, enjoy a freshly prepared meal or collaborate with colleagues. They tell future and current Denver employees a lot about how an employer feels about their employees, and for employees, that means a lot. 

According to Forbes, a recent study performed by Office Team found that dissatisfied employees really do have a big, negative impact on an organization’s bottom line. “66% of employees say [said] they would “likely leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated,” up 15 percent since 2012. 76 percent of Millennials, specifically, said they would leave if they felt unappreciated.

With such a high risk for turnover, Denver employers need to make sure that their employees understand how much they are appreciated. In addition to cool break rooms, there are other ways to show employees that they are valued. 

To start, get to know your employees. It can make offering recognition or appreciation more successful. Not everyone wants to receive recognition as the center of attention at a large meeting. A personalized thank you note might work better instead.

Denver Break Rooms

Whether your organization is big or small, here are six different ways to say thank you.

  • Write thank you notes to your employees and encourage them to write notes of appreciation to each other. Make the experience extra special by creating a “Thank You” wall where the thank you notes can be enjoyed by all.
  • Arrange for early release the day before a holiday or long weekend, reduce the dress code and allow casual dress during Thanksgiving week, or cater-in meals at no cost to your employees.
  • Host a brown bag a picnic. Employees bring a bagged lunch, work during the morning and enjoy a picnic lunch outside at a park or on company property during the afternoon. Boost the fun and bring outdoor games such as horseshoes, badminton, cornhole or ladder golf.
  • Offer professional and/or personal development opportunities.
  • Institute a monthly, peer-nominated award. Receiving an award from their peers can make the award more meaningful to the recipient. 
  • Offer pantry service. Break rooms with free snacks, beverages, fresh food and coffee service benefit employees’ own bottom line as well as company productivity levels.

Does your Denver break room measure up? Peak Refreshments would like to help create a customized menu that expresses your appreciation. For more information, please call Peak Refreshments at (303) 209-0150.

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